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The Rising - Kelley Armstrong The Rising was the perfect end to the Darkness Rising trilogy! Kelley Armstrong's writing was captivating and action packed as always! I was very happy on how things ended for all the characters. This had to be my favorite books of Kelley Armstrong! I loved seeing how Maya and her friends stick together thought out the entire book no matter what. Yes they had their quarrels but they worked together no matter what. This book showed that they were willing to sacrifice oneself for one another and that ultimately their source of power was each other.

Maya is a fantastic girl. She might be strong and determined but she has her girl-y, vulnerable moments which she fully acknowledges. One of the things I loved about her was her strong loyalty to friends and family. And it hurt so much when someone would betray or use her trust. The flaw that irritated me the most was how clueless she was about Daniel's feelings for her and how much she tried to deny it. But the thing was that she never led him on or made him believe otherwise. So its hard to dislike her for that.

We also get introduced to new characters like Ashton, Maya's twin brother! Totally unexpected yet I felt like I should have seen that one coming. He is seriously the moodier guy version of Maya to some extent. He was definitely a jerk but he had a rough childhood and it was totally expected of him to. I loved seeing how his and Maya's relationship developed! It was kind of awkward and weird at first but they did care about each other (sibling wise of course). Corey another character I really liked getting to know better. He brought humor and added some juicy tidbits to the story ;) But you also see his insecurities and how he feels about his gift/power.

The thing that actually had me pick up this book and start it was "unexpected characters makes a surprising return". Me: *eyes wide* You mean they're coming????? MUST REAAAD!! OH YEAH CHLOE, DEREK, AND THE WHOLE GANG MAKES AN APPEARANCE!!! I was thrilled that Armstrong decided to add them into the story and was even more happy of how she intertwined Chloe's story with Maya's.

THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE BOOK: DANIEL!!!!!!! He's FINALLY introduced as a love interest which I am ridiculously happy about since I've been shipping them from day 1. Don't get me wrong I like Rafe and all it's just that he didn't sit well with me as Maya's love interest. But oh my sweety goodness, Daniel and Maya moments together=CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! I find it hilarious that everyone starts hounding Maya about Daniel in this book. But it was also irritating because it wasn't really a gradual thing throughout the books and didn't have as much as moments I would've loved to have read. Honestly, I had no idea where Daniel stood in his relationship with Maya in book 1 and 2 and I wasn't sure if Kelley Armstrong was going to do anything about Daniel and Maya. I always hoped but didn't think she would have Daniel as as a love interest. And Daniel is just so supportive and understanding of Maya and was there for her no matter what. He didn't care that she may have not liked/loved him more than just a friend, she was always his number 1 priority. He even sincerely tried befriending Rafe for Maya's sake. He's Maya's rock as she is his and they're just perfect for each other. It helps that he's hot and totally my type :3

Kelley Armstrong did her best attempting the most realistic ending and tried to create a happily ever after for everyone. I for one was content with how things wrapped up for both Maya and Chloe! The Rising is a great read, one that I totally recommend everyone to read. All paranormal, romance, and action lovers should definitely pick up this book!!!

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Dare You To - Katie McGarry Check out more of my reviews on Books As You Know It

Dare You To by Katie McGarry is a sexy, emotionally thrilling, and heart wrenching story of Beth Risk and Ryan Stone. Katie McGarry has quickly went to my favorite YA contemporary writers list and she blew me away once again as she did with Pushing the Limits! If you haven't had a chance to read Pushing the Limits, SHOO!! *shoves you out* Read it and love it! Dare You To had a similar general characterization with the bad boy (girl in this case) meets popular, rich girl (boy in this book) who had flaws and shows how looks aren't everything and that everyone can put a facade when needed. McGarry did a fantabulous job displaying these themes clearly yet meshed into the story so it isn't a story just presenting the theme itself.

I will admit that I wasn't a big fan of Beth in Pushing the Limits but in Dare You To, you actually see head on not on the sidelines what exactly she's going through with her horrible mother and even worse her mom's boyfriend, and how her life was before her dad died. She's the heard headed, "never getting anyone close to my heart", "been through way too much" girl who was a blonde, dress, and ribbon when she was younger. The worst yet best part of Beth was that she tolerated her mother and actually took care of her to the best of her abilities. If I was Beth, I wouldn't have even cared if she didn't change after I helped her for the first few times and that may sound horrible but I wouldn't be able to deal with it. Another thing I want to touch on, was Beth's reaction to Isaiah's answer of not taking her mom with them. I don't think she should have overreacted over that and be surprised over his answer because honestly that would've been anyone else's response. Her mother didn't care and I felt that her relationship shouldn't have been that strong especially with one like hers. I get that she's her mom but still. It unnerved me how much she gave her mother credit and excuses.

And then there's the town's golden boy, Ryan Stone. The one with the good grades, friends, family, and the best baseball pitcher. I really liked Ryan's character development throughout the story. It was also a first in reading about a guy who could write and how internally struggled with being a writer or a baseball player. It didn't help that his father is practically against the whole writer business. And while Ryan may seem to have everything, he deals with so many issues that do have a big impact on his life and college decisions of what HE wants to do. He was quite funny when trying to win the bet/game/dare getting Beth to go out with him. He was totally the guy that Beth tried her best to avoid but then they clashed and happened.

Speaking of the romance, they're such an unlikely yet perfect couple!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Katie McGarry intertwined their lives together. After reading the first chapter a while back, I was befuddled on how McGarry would show their meetings but I wasn't expecting this to happen but I'm happy it did! They're first encounter is in Taco Bell with Beth being Beth, and Ryan just trying to win the game and it most definitely wasn't love at first sight not lust at first sight. Yes they may have acknowledged that they both were quite good looking but not the I want to jump your bones either. Their relationship was a crazy thing that was a part of a jigsaw puzzle that clicked!

Uncle Scott, Lacey, Chris, and Logan were also great additions to the story and added a bit of everything to the story. Uncle Scott with his parental yet cool uncle instincts who I would've crushed on if he was a bit younger and *coughs* not married. Lacey being the most awesome girl friend to Beth and showing that Beth could be the person she wants to be. Chris just being a perfect boyfriend to Lacey and Logan's crazy, fearless acts that always brought a smile to my face.

Dare You Too is a must read for contemporary readers. It's a story about true friends, family, loyalty, and trust. I was pulled in from the very first page to the very last coming full circle. I can't wait to read Isaiah's story, Crash Into You, and see him get the happily ever after he deserves.
Dead Silence - Kimberly Derting Check out more of my reviews on Books As You Know It

**spoilers from previous books*
I literally devoured this book and had finished this book by the end of school which I was not expecting! I've loved Kimberly Derting's stories and ADORED The Body Finder series ever since I started reading this series. I'm so sad that I'll be saying goodbye to the series. Throughout the series, I got closer and closer to ALL the characters in the story;Violet, Jay, Rafe, Sara, Chelsea, Claire, everyone!! But I'll most definitely be rereading the series when I get the chance.

Dead Silence is an epic, thrilling, and riveting conclusion to the Body Finder series!! Kimberly Derting does a fantastic job of balancing out the new murders and her personal life. She also manages to effectively intertwine those two together and shows the effects each has on Violet's life. It's also kinda fascinating the way that Derting was able to write the way psychotic people view their life and how they persuade themselves how this is right or that whatever they're doing is right! Dead Silence NEVER leaves you bored from the first page to the very last.

There was a lot more deeper emotion coursing through Violet in this book, especially since she now has an echo of her own which has been haunting her ever since. Violet is tough even though it may not seem like it at first with her withdrawing from everyone which is seriously normal. If you expected her to be okay with it and try not to be that affected by it, it's just not something anyone would be able to manage. Violet decides to involve herself with the latest murder case wanting to be distracted by other things than her social/personal life and because you know she's Violet. It was different seeing her change over the course of the series but in a good way. She interacts with other people that also has powers and though she already accepted her power ever since she was little, you see her wanting to use her power to make a bigger change and she has manage to do that.

Jay=the bestest friend and boyfriend EVER!! This series had one of my favorites best friend romances and they are just TOO CUTE!! Jay is so supportive of Violet and is always there with her no matter what. He just knows what to do and say to Violet to make her feel better or to make her laugh! He voices his opinions and speaks his mind in the most reasonable way possible. Rafe is an exceptionally different love interest. He actually fits as the guy most girl would ship Violet with but he was a way that shows he cares yet he knows not to go after another guy's girlfriend. He does have a connection with Violet one that could go farther if she tried but I think Rafe is good as her friend.

Dead Silence helps readers understand more of Violet's abilities and how her grandma dealt with everything.The more she learns more about her grandma's history, the more questions that are burned within her mind. Derting also tries to deal with this issue of the paranormal/ability group of Violet's and connects it with everything Violet has learned. I also loved the constant secondary characters that supported Violet like her uncle, aunt, mom, dad, hilarious and awesome friend Chelsea, clueless Claire, athletic Jules, kind of friend Gemma, and even Sarah who helped Violet through rough times and gave Violet a place to make a difference. Dead Silence does not disappoint and is a fantastic end to the Body Finder series! Fans of paranormal, mystery, or even psychological thrillers with the hint of teen drama will love this series!
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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer Check out more of my reviews on Books As You Know It

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer was WONDERFUL!! I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel to Cinder and it most definitely met my expectations!! Meyer weaves a story of our childhood fairy tales into dystopian characters that's created for YA readers eveywhere! It also makes you feel like even though you're not a child anymore you can still enjoy these stories in a form you like. I also loved that we still got to see Kai and Cinder in this book but not together...unfortunately. And Marissa also ties in Scarlet's and Cinder's stories together really well including the setting and how they eventually meet up. Also Scarlet wasn't was predictable as Cinder was! She manages to make you suspicious and doubt but you're also not sure of what would happen!

Scarlet's a determined and pretty cool heroine. There are times where she kinda annoyed me by her stubbornness and the fact that she couldn't see the big picture. And the thing is that she has good intentions, she's just looking at it from a different perspective. But she's still a great addition to TEAM FAIRY TALE (which is what I'm going to call Cinder, Scarlet, ad everyone from a fairy tale ! She's also super loyal and she's most definitely got the spunk that I enjoy in heroines! Oh my sweet goodness! Scarlet and Wolf are just TOO MUCH!!! They're so cute and they're just perfect for each other!!

They're relationship was also a bit awkward at first since Wolf was more on the shy side (WHICH I DID NOT EXPECT) and she's the one that's like "What do you want?" kinda attitude. But it worked. And it helped that Wolf to me seemed more of a cute puppy than his name. And there was this one super cute moment where he was all confused as to what Scarlet gave him (which was a tomato) and it was just too adorable.

We can't forget about Cinder!! Who I may like more than Scarlet which is weird since I've always loved Red Riding Hood better than Cinderella. So when we see Cinder again, she's trying to escape the prison which she does manage to do except it's with another fugitive...Thorne. And my natural reaction upon meeting him: CREEPY, CRAZY, PERVERTED DUDE PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM CINDER!! But then you see him and Cinder interact or should I say banter and he's just hilarious and harmless!!! So happy Meyer decided to add him to the story and he's a great character that lightens the mood of the story! And then there's KAI, the ultimate sweetheart, he soooo still has feelings for Cinder no matter how much he denies it XD I appreciated seeing how things were going politically as everything else went on as well!

Scarlet is a MUST READ and a book you don't want to miss out on! I recommend this to any retelling, YA, or dystopian lover out there so practically any reader! But please read Cinder before delving into this story!! Happy Readings!!!
Parallel - Lauren   Miller Originally posted on Books As You Know It

Wow! Parallel by Lauren Miller literally has fried my brain. The concept was so scientific and explained in such a way that I was awed by its complexity yet simplicity of it. It's also an idea that YA authors never grasped, so its pretty cool having a story dealing with it!!

Abby is the type of girl that plan everything and doubts that anything could lead her plans a stray. In her story, we see her Parallel self deal with just that, everything not turning according to plan. Parallel Abby I will admit was a bit irritable and annoying and it's seen as she interacts with her friends, *coughs* Josh, school (in general), and her parents. No matter how much Abby thinks she would have never done the same decisions as Parallel Abby, I think she totally would have. Abby is a determined girl who's life still kind of confused on like that moment you totally understand what's happening, then this small thing or line is said and you're like,"Whaaaaaaa???" Which also is what my reaction was throughout the book.

I loved the conceptual-ness needed for Parallel and seeing how it worked. Ok....well not really the conceptual-ness but I did really like the way it was presented and the idea in general. Gustav Mann (I think that's his name, not entirely sure) was a great Albert Einstein look a like kind of character and it was interesting all his theories on "entanglement of universes". The catalyst for all this was trouble/drama in Abby's life is really just the clash of the parallel universes which may I add coincidentally occurred on my birthday :P
Caitlin was also a great supportive, nerdy but awesome best friend who totally accepted the whole parallel universe theory helping out Abby in any way she could.

The only thing I didn't like about this story was all the unanswered questions buzzing around in my head throughout the course of the book. I think Lauren Miller did try to answer things without giving away stuff that would spoil the book but it took my brain quite some time to get used to the whole sci-fi-ness of it all. There also may be some spoiler questions so you're warned!!!

Was her being in L.A, her actual life or what?? *does not know how exactly L.A fit into this*
Follow up to previous question: And if L.A was her actual life, then shouldn't there just be only another parallel universe? Or was it specifically suppose to show her life in L.A and then branch two ways and show just the parallel universes of her other life if she didn't get to choose drama class?
When Michael and Abby meet, they didn't know each other, but when she's talking to Caitlin, Caitlin says that Abby did kind of know Michael. If that were the case then why didn't Michael know Abby when she first saw him? Or did that happen because of something Parallel Abby did so her and Michael had never met until Abby officially met him?
And I wasn't really sure but does the whole parallel universe affect all the other characters too?
Then there's Josh....and Michael. *groans* Two lovely, fantastic guys..yet again. In the beginning, I honestly thought Josh was a super-ly minor character that would have been thrown out one she meets Michael, but then Parallel Abby starts dating him and they're so cute and adorable together!! He is super awesome and understanding of course. And then there's Michael, who I LOVE and is dating Abby. But then this super spoiler-y thing that I won't be telling you thing happens and I had the "OMG!WHATJUSTHAPPENED?THISISAMAZINGBUTNOT!ANDIMKINDACONFUSEDNOW" moment and expression which involved a lot of squealing, "Oh my god(s)", and spazzing. Don't judge me, I'm crazy like that. The thing I didn't like about the romance was that I felt that there wasn't a big connection between Abby and Josh/Michael and that it lacked moments of them truly together, not just on a date. However Lauren did an exceptional job piecing together everything so you understood what happened between all of them by the end of the book.

Parallel is a world that will most definitely have you in a legit book hangover but was well done! It's definitely a book for a all the nerds and science/theory loving readers or just someone looking for a new kind of thing to read. However if you're not one for complexity and just want a straightforward book, this may not exactly be the book for you.
The Collector - Victoria Scott The Collector by Victoria Scott was one heck of a book that takes you on a different type of roller coaster than most YA books. Victoria Scott manages to create a story that shows life in a different perspective or that might have been just me reading from a guy's point of view. The story was also straightforward and it kept the plot simple without many twists and turns. One of my favorite aspects about this book was the characters.

Speaking of characters...let's talk Dante. The BAD BOY. He was blunt, knew how to play his game, and was probably the perfect person to have as a collector. And I loved that Victoria didn't have him suddenly change right when he meets Charlie and it's most definitely not love nor lust at first sight which I'm extremely happy for! In the first two parts of the book, Dante was just trying to complete his mission quickly so he could get a promotion. And then he learns more about Charlie actually sees her. Not the outward appearance but the inner. He honestly didn't care about her but then the question of WHY boss man hit him especially when Charlie has the purest heart. One of my favorite and heart wrenching part and one that really showed Dante and his emotions was when he visited his mother in Chicago.

Charlie different. I expected the typical shy girl that covered her beauty and didn't want to show it. But the thing was that Charlie wasn't pretty. And not only did Dante change, she did too. She's still sweet and may have had a heart of gold but she's experienced so much more than she ever thought she would. She wasn't the strongest of heroines. She was gullible and pretty inexperienced in the beginning, but she had this type of personality where she knew what everyone thought and just didn't care.

Another thing I liked was the supporting characters. Max, Dante's best friend, lightened the mood when needed and it was funny seeing Dante and Max having a heart to heart. Blue and Annabelle, Charlie's best friends, were also awesome! Blue could be so awesome if he wanted to be and I think if he let loose a bit more, girls would be flocking towards him. Annabelle was a feisty one and definitely showed it. Both are super loyal and would always be there for Charlie no matter what. Even Valery had a role in this book that also help lighten the plot a bit.

Everything connects by the time the book is over and now I'm even more psyched for The Liberator!! If you like bad boys and paranormal-ness, definitely check out The Collector!
Pivot Point - Kasie West Originally posted on Books As You Know It

Oh. my. god. That pretty much sums up my reaction for/through the entire book. Pivot Point by Kasie West is an intriguing and fast-paced unbelievably awesome book!! Kasie West craftily wove this story and Praise her and her talent!! So I decided to divide this review between the Para and the Norm, her choices, so it's easier to understand
I love the way the Compound was described as if it was totally another world even though it's not. Their powers just having to do with the mind? Total awesomeness. It's nice and different to the super strength and flying. One thing about the Para's though was how haughty they were and how condescending they could be to the Norms (humans). It was irritating how much they looked down upon them but it was something I think needed to show more of their characters and their arrogance.

Addie, well Para Addie, felt a bit bland and boring for my taste It was pretty funny seeing her seriously go through her "rebellious-my parents got divored". She was determined to do all the things teens (meaning book characters or movie actors) supposedly did when that happened to them. i.e dating the blond quarterback of her school's football team who totally contrasts her, Duke.

Duke. What can I say about him? Honestly, I shipped him and Addie so much in the beginning of the book! I loved watching their relationship and they were adorable! He's so charismatic and charming, you'll just end up falling for him. But then you keep reading and you know something isn't right and it leads to a bigger thing that starts to interconnect with the Norms. Then BAM, And you're just done with Duke -_- And let's not forget about Addie's awesomesauce best friend who has her back and vice versa.

Addie's character started to develop waaaay more in her Norm life as she gets adjusted to her life outside the Compound. She started growing her wings and flew her way through not knowing what to expect. And oh my gaaaawd it's HILARIOUS watching Addie act like a "Norm" meaning she tries making conversation with the poor mailman, memorizing U.S history, and trying to get used to our not so advaned technology like a DVD player.

The she goes through her"I'm going to make Travis my replacement best friend" stage trying to fill Laila's presence as she is in the Compound. Travis was so ordinary. It was freaky. But then stuff happens and its just WAY bigger than that. Plus Travis is the BEST!! And yes I do totally approve of Addie and Travis especially as their friendship blooms and progresses. They're both equally funny and they understand each other so so well!
The thing about Pivot Point though is that it's just s much more complicated than just Addie choosing the life with the guy she likes more. Kasie West did an extremely brilliant job interconnecting both stories that you know when something happened in the other world that you read about. I LOVE the way this story was written and it's super cute and hugable! Kasie would you pleaaase let me read book 2? *flutters eyelashes* pretty please? *tries not to beg*

Pivot Point is a book you don't want to miss out on. perfect for sci-fi lovers that may also categorize into mystery, parnormal-ness written with a hint of contemporary. It's a book for ALL YA readers, one that all would fall in love with!
Dualed - Elsie Chapman Check out more of my reviews on Books As You Know It

Dualed was a thrilling read! Elsie Chapman has created a new twist to the concept of "survival of the fittest" in which you and your Alt fight to the deatg. I didn't really understand how the whole twin thing worked and it wasn't really explained in the book either. I mean does the givernment pick two couples who want a baby and make it so their babies have the same genetic makeup? There also wasn't much world building and history of how everything came to be. Also the government is a big aspect of dystopian novels and while it was mentioned in the book, they didn't make a big deal out of it.

However, Elsie Chapman created very strong characters and showed relationship development quite well. West Grayer was determined yet stubborn. And she had it rough with all her family now gone. One thing I wished you changed was pushing Chord away when she most needed him and how she took forever to finally realize that she had to kill her Alt. It was a good idea for her to become an assassin and helped shape her for when she met her Alt.

Chord wasn't what I expected and in a good way. He was a pretty cool guy and I found it so cute of how much he cared for West even if he showed it indirectly and protectively *coughs* putting a GPS on her phone *coughs* It was funny and pretty entertaining seeing both of them deny their feelings for each other.

Dualed is a good dystopian read, not the best but pretty decent. I would only recommend this to dytopian or fight scene lovers. If you're looking for a romancy dystopian like Delirium or Under the Never Sky this isn't really the book for you. I was a bit disappointed after reading this since I heard great things about it and I really like the concept and that it has potential. If you do pick it up, I hope you have a better reaction than me!
Perfect Scoundrels - Ally Carter Check out more of my reviews on Books As You Know It

ALLY CARTER, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING HEIST SOCIETY AND ESPECIALLY GALLAGHER GIRLS! Perfect Scoundrels was so much more emotionally deep compared to the first two books! It's more personal especially with Kat's and Hale's sort-of-relationship and with everything else going on in Hale's life. Ally Carter did a great job laying out this story and was awesome as usual. You feel a deeper connection with the characters as you keep reading and in this book you just feel for Hale while seeing how Hale's family is and how they treat/see him.

I don't know if it was just me, but I felt that Kat had more emotions running through/within her and it was nice seeing her back!! It was great seeing the whole gang back together, even Nick who showed up in a scene or two! It was a bit hard seeing Hale and the way he acted towards Kat around his family. And it was really difficult to read him (even more so than the other books). Also the way he dissed Kat was sooo wrong I felt like flicking his forehead multiple times. But his actions for some scenes were also reasonable and the way anyone would act in his position. We learn more about Hale and see why he's so closed off and, he's just awesome!!!

What I loved the most about this book was seeing more of Marcus and learning more about him and his family! He's been the character to always be there for Hale or Kat no matter what, and in think it was great that this book showed that there was more to him than just being Hale's butler. Perfect Scoundrels wasn't exactly the best of Ally Carter's works but it was still magnificently written. It is a must for Ally Carter fans or spy/thriller-y types of books!! Happy Readings!!
The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken **Review posted on Books As You Know It**

The Madman's Daughter - Megan Shepherd Check out more of my reviews on Books As You Know It

The Madman's Daughter was huantingly and horrifyingly brilliant!! And then the end KILLED me! It totally blew me off and had me in shock for awhile even though I probably should have saw that coming. But it still has me in a daze every time I think about it.And...I just realized I was talking about the end of the book before saying much about it at all. ANYHOO..Megan Shepherd surprised me throughout this book. I didn't think I would love this book so much but I did have high expectations from it and The Madman;s Daughter totally reached it!

Juliette was a strong heroine especially as a historical fiction one. Megan Shepherd did a great job showing how sexist men were of women back then. She emphasized Juliette's father's incredulous-ness when Juliette showed interest in the medical field and when Juliette told him how she knew some medical procedures. I do think that Juliette had a high hopes and expected more of her father than she should have. her father however is a jacked up scientist with no human conscious and so determined that he's doing the right thing. And it's not why he's creating them that's ridiculously crazy, it's how he creates them with no remorse.

*uses southern accent* As for the romance, Edward and Montgomery are two mighty fine and handsome guys. I will admit that I love Montgomery more though. With his informal attire and add to the fact that him and Juliette were close childhood friends definitely adds to his swoonliness!! And he and Juliette are just so damn cute!! And don't get me wrong, Edward is cool too. He was the one I thought I would fall for with his mysteriousness and that did pique my interest in him. I felt that I barely knew him and it was very confusing for me as well as Juliette. And then I got the "You say what now?" expression when I read his secret.

The one character I had a soft spot for was Balthazaar. He was the reason of any tears I shed in this book :( He was so innocent and obedient< I would probably hug the life out of him if he was real. He may have been a deformed creature or a "work against human nature" but he tugged my heart the most and wasn't barbaric as the others may have been. Alice, the caretaker, was also a kind and sweet soul and would have been a fantastic little sister.

I urge you guys to read this book and while it may not be the type of book/genre yo uread, you should most definitely check it out!! And with the ending Megan Shepherd wrote, you'll be begging for more!
The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead Check out more of my reviews on Books As You Know It

Holy alien babies everywhere! I REFUSE to be okay with that ending. Right when everything's okay again, things get even worse. *exasperated sigh* WHY, Richelle Mead??
But I totally give props for the adorableness at the scene before the ending.

The Indigo Spell was an awesome although somewhat irritating book. The plot of the series moves forward and we see a drastic change between character relationships and self development. Sydney, for example, is more aware of everything going on with the Alchemists and more rebellious, which I totally cheered her on throughout the book! She finally comes to a stage where she sees the bigger picture and the details/aspects within it inclusing family, friends, potential boyfriend, Moroi, and the Alchemists.

Adrian. Adrian. Adrian. Adrian. SYDRIAN. SYDRIAN.
*grins stupidly* *sighs dreamliy* Adrian=the best thing about this book. Loyal, protective, courageous, hilarious, determined, and romantic, whats NOT to love about him? Sydney and Adrian seriously had me snorting and grinning through their actions and thoughts. Even after Sydney rejects him, he does go through this depressed phase but he recovers quickly and was totally cheery and was determined that he would get Sydney to fall in love with him if she already hadn't! It was just hilarious seeing them together. And the thing abouot Adrian is that he's always there fr Sydney no matter what...

The theres Marcus Finch...the mystery piece of the puzzle. There actually wasn't much to him except that he was a rebel alchemist. I expected more not in appearance but actions and his role in the book. He was also quite annoying unfortunately. I had hoped to like him but I don't think I can. And I kinda hope he isn't part of the next book. The only thing I applaud him was pushing/driving Sydney to the direction that showed more of the Alchemist and how they really work.

Overall however, Richelle Mead continues to enrapture me in the series yet again!! I do recommend this to Vampire Academy fans and totally encourage any paranormal book lover out there to give the series a try!
Losing It - Cora Carmack Check out more of my reviews on Books As You Know It

Losing It was a hilarious novel with equally awesome and awkward scenes. Carmack delivered a fresh new read and perspective that relates to a lot of teens/younger 20s now a days. The writing flowed well and it involved aspects of rules and friendship and its wasn't only about losing it but the whole idea of why and what drives that thought. She also explores the college scene and manages to incorporate the play they were doing in theatre class.

Bliss and Garrett are ADORABLE! I really frown upon and and am not into student-teacher relationship but this was way to cute to ignore! I love how they both know and decide that they can't see each other but some of their circumstances had me giggling and laughing. Bliss wasn't stuck up nor clingy and was mature enough about the situation even if they were pretty awkward but it's also what made me love her. I can't wait to read Faking It and see how things turn out for Bliss's hot best friend Cayden!!!
Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi **More reviews on my blog: Books As You Know It

Unravel Me had everything a reader could ask for, the action, the romance, the twists OH MY GOD! YES, THE TWISTS!, the awesome characters, and the kickbutt plot!! Juliette's finally free yet she still feels caged up and I mean to can't blame her. And then she finds out Adam's power it causes a rift between them. While Juliette's reasoning is understandable it hurts seeing the characters getting affected by it. Tahereh Mafi then drops a jaw dropping, holy cow! What did he just say? bomb secret on us that makes things a bit awkward for Juliette but really entertaining for the readers. Or at least it was for me. Tahereh effectively manages to write an action filled plot that had us perked up the entire time.

Juliette is one of the most genuine and realistic dystopian heroine I've read. The only problem I had with this book/Juliette was how withdrawn she got in the first half of the book. But it also helped develop her character and also a big shout out to Kenji for giving Juliette a big reality check. It may have seemed harsh but she needed that.

It was actually pretty weird seeing Kenji as the "big man on campus" or well Omega Point and being serious. But at the same time it fits him and you gradually get accustomed to it. And don't worry he's still as flirtatious and hilarious as always. I do wish we saw more of James though. I miss hearing him talk. Although, I think it's great that he's making friends and becoming a part of something he's wanted to do.

As for the romance...well, there's a lot to it. Adam is a sweetheart and fantastically amazing! They both have a bond and history together. And then there's Warner...who's just as amazing and heart touching. And I know I've said this before (Don't blame me! Blame the authors for creating two swoonalicious guys!) but I won't be choosing who I was Juliette to be with because that's a HARD decision, so I'll let Tahereh Mafi have that honor and I'll just go along with whatever happens!

Warner. 1st: He has a beautiful first name which should only be reserved for Juliette. 2nd: Warner is such a different person than he was in the first book and there's a side of him that only Juliette can reach. 3rd: His feelings for Juliette are genuine which makes things even harder because I love Adam and I don't want either of them getting hurt. 4th: I totally see why the Epic Reads girls made such a big deal out of Chapter 62.

I have only one thing left to say: READ IT!! You most definitely don't want to kiss out on it and you won't regret it! And if you have yet to read Shatter Me, I suggest you start! This book is for any book lovers out there!! Happy Readings!!