Pivot Point - Kasie West Originally posted on Books As You Know It

Oh. my. god. That pretty much sums up my reaction for/through the entire book. Pivot Point by Kasie West is an intriguing and fast-paced unbelievably awesome book!! Kasie West craftily wove this story and Praise her and her talent!! So I decided to divide this review between the Para and the Norm, her choices, so it's easier to understand
I love the way the Compound was described as if it was totally another world even though it's not. Their powers just having to do with the mind? Total awesomeness. It's nice and different to the super strength and flying. One thing about the Para's though was how haughty they were and how condescending they could be to the Norms (humans). It was irritating how much they looked down upon them but it was something I think needed to show more of their characters and their arrogance.

Addie, well Para Addie, felt a bit bland and boring for my taste It was pretty funny seeing her seriously go through her "rebellious-my parents got divored". She was determined to do all the things teens (meaning book characters or movie actors) supposedly did when that happened to them. i.e dating the blond quarterback of her school's football team who totally contrasts her, Duke.

Duke. What can I say about him? Honestly, I shipped him and Addie so much in the beginning of the book! I loved watching their relationship and they were adorable! He's so charismatic and charming, you'll just end up falling for him. But then you keep reading and you know something isn't right and it leads to a bigger thing that starts to interconnect with the Norms. Then BAM, And you're just done with Duke -_- And let's not forget about Addie's awesomesauce best friend who has her back and vice versa.

Addie's character started to develop waaaay more in her Norm life as she gets adjusted to her life outside the Compound. She started growing her wings and flew her way through not knowing what to expect. And oh my gaaaawd it's HILARIOUS watching Addie act like a "Norm" meaning she tries making conversation with the poor mailman, memorizing U.S history, and trying to get used to our not so advaned technology like a DVD player.

The she goes through her"I'm going to make Travis my replacement best friend" stage trying to fill Laila's presence as she is in the Compound. Travis was so ordinary. It was freaky. But then stuff happens and its just WAY bigger than that. Plus Travis is the BEST!! And yes I do totally approve of Addie and Travis especially as their friendship blooms and progresses. They're both equally funny and they understand each other so so well!
The thing about Pivot Point though is that it's just s much more complicated than just Addie choosing the life with the guy she likes more. Kasie West did an extremely brilliant job interconnecting both stories that you know when something happened in the other world that you read about. I LOVE the way this story was written and it's super cute and hugable! Kasie would you pleaaase let me read book 2? *flutters eyelashes* pretty please? *tries not to beg*

Pivot Point is a book you don't want to miss out on. perfect for sci-fi lovers that may also categorize into mystery, parnormal-ness written with a hint of contemporary. It's a book for ALL YA readers, one that all would fall in love with!