The Next Forever - Lisa Burstein On my blog, too :D

The Next Forever was a great refresher from all the other paranormal/dystopian novels that I've been reading. It's the perfect, short, and relaxing read. It's a book of doubts, questions, and loyalty...

Lisa Burnstein had me captivated the instant I started this book! I couldn't put stop! She had me questioning both Amy's and Joe's faith and if they were actually meant to be. Lisa shows the conflicts and temptations that stems from insecurity and honesty within relationships. Amy questions her inner self and "Will you go back to the way you were before?" is always harboring her mind. Joe wants a way in to the fraternity, even though he knows Amy wouldn't want him to. They both meet new characters and rediscovers their selves.

I loved how The Next Forever was written. Kept at a good pace, the book flowed really well. The only thing I didn't like was how that I felt like I met a fake Amy not the real one. And I think that she most definitely can she fun without passing her limits! Other than that, it's a great read most teens will enjoy! The battle between oneself is revealed and The Next Forever gives an insight on a real and raw relationship
where everything isn't perfect...