Money Run - Jack Heath Originally posted on Books As You Know It

Money Run by Jack Heath is an action packed story that would appeal to both guys and girls! Jack Heath craftily wrote this story adding awesome, smart yet simple techniques to get past high tech security that had me thinking if that's what spies actually did or how they think when in a mission. At first Money Run didn't seem too interesting and it progressed pretty slowly. I also got irritated by the changing POVs and didn't see the point in them but by the end they all connect and it comes back full circle. The plot did end up developing faster by the middle and that's when the rush of the book kicks in and you want to keep reading and see what happens and where/what it's all leading to.

Ashley and Benjamin are both kick-butt characters and definitely adds the comedy and lightness to the story which I really enjoyed! Both are geniuses in their own ways and Heath manages to show the strong and close bond they have with each other! Ashley knows exactly what she's doing through out the entire book and exactly what she's up against! I love reading what's going on in her head through the various obstacles and how far she was willing to go for the $20 billion. She exudes confidence and one of my favorite traits about her. She believes in herself and NEVER gives up. Benjamin was an AWESOME partner but I had hoped to see more of him in the book which unfortunately he wasn't. He's such an ADORKABLE guy I totally ship him and Ashley even though it might not happen! I hope we get to see more of him in the next book!

Peachey, the hired assasin, is my least favorite character. It's not even the fact that he was an assassin (some assassins are pretty awesome). He just got on my nerves and didn't act like he was the top best assassin in the whole world Plus his motives and thoughts seemed very faux villain and he could have been a much more developed character. He was also made out to have had a bigger role in the story than he actually did and his assassin-ness was over dramatized or that might have just been me. Hammond Buckland was also a pretty cool character and I have dubbed him as Ashley's uncle. Not that he actually is but he seems like the type. I love the way the whole thing was set up and how some rich people might view things as well. This whole story was put in a different perspective that had me pulled!

Money Run is a book to read if you're bored or just in need of a short, light spy/heist thriller that will keep you entertained. While it could have used a bit more development, I enjoyed the overall story and was satisfied by the end!