Everneath - Brodi Ashton Originally posted on Books As You Know It

I loved how Nikki's story was magnificently woven with Greek mythology as well as paranormal. It was great to read a different kind of Greek mythology tale dealing mainly on the tale of Orpheus and much darker, in my opinion. The whole concept of it was thrilling and the way Brodi Ashton wrote it was really imaginative.. The Everneath clashed with the human world and Brodi manages to keep realistic problems as well as paranormal problems to intertwine.

I also love how Brodi goes back to Nikki's past and shows us how Nikki's and Jack's relationship came to be. As well as how, Nikki met Cole and how she came into this whole mess. Jack's the sweet yet broken guy; he's the total opposite of Cole. The bad boy, guitarist
all girls swoon over. but as evil as he is, you can't help but feel sorry for him. As for Nikki, she wasn't my favorite MC but Brodi portrayed her perfectly.

One thing I didn't understand though, was how time worked in Everneath and how time passed on Earth. It was quite confusing, so I just focused more on the dilemma at hand. There was also the fact that it was Nikki's decision that got her into the mess she's in, in the first place but I do believe she has every right to correct her mistake and find happiness. You'll love this book, if you're into Greek mythology, love triangles, and of course an unpredictable ending. Everneath will leave you wanting for Everbound right away!!