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Dystopians are quite a hit these days and the YA industry have been booming with them, especially after the Hunger Games movie/series. And honestly, I'm not one of the biggest dystopian fans becasue they usually have the same kind of story to itbut with different worlds and concepts. I was pretty hesitant to read Breathe and not b/c it was a dystpoian but because it was in 3 different point of views. 2 was enough to deal with but 3....But the whole idea of having limited air supply and the fact that you had to buy air tanks captured my interests in a heartbeat.

Sarah Crossan creatively creates a breathtaking (no pun intended) and heart pounding story full of surprises and unpredictable turn of events. As different as Alina, Quinn, and Bea are, they manage to create this bond and connection and end up finding strength/support within one another. Alina is just a rebel who wants to be able to breathe freely, Quinn's the rich Premium who has his whole life planned out for him and also Bea's best friend, Bea's the rule follower, just wanting to do well so she could support her family and also falling for her best friend. but since Quinn has taken an interest in Alina, things aren't quite looking up for her. And honestly, I disliked Alina from the very start of the book, she acted as if she knew everything and took advantage of Quinn to cover up her mistake. At the same time, I wanted to slap some snese into Quinn for falling for a girl just because she was pretty. But throughout the story, you end up warming up to her and see that she isn't so bad. My favorite character had to be Bea, she might have been a stickler for rules but she was so sweet, compassionate, and would felt for the other characters.

What I didn't like about this book? There times it was a bit bland and boring. And some of the character's actions were a bit irritating. It also took a bit time adjusting to the 3 POVs and I think the story would've been fine with either Bea and Quinn's point of view or Bea and Alina's.

As for the romance, let's just say that I'm a sucker for best friend relationships. And Sarah Crossan most definitely didn't let me down. Throughout Quinn's journey, he comes to terms that he might have had a crush on Alina but he really loved Bea all along. Anyone who loves dystopians and FANTASTIC world building should definitely pick up this book and start reading, because Sarah Crossan won't disappoint you!!