Just Flirt - Laura Bowers Originally posted on Books As You Know It

Just Flirt by Laura Bowers is such a fun book! Laura teachers teens (mainly girls) the true meaning of friendship, emotions, gossip, romance, family, and everything else that concerns teenagers' lives.

The characters: Dee Barton and Sabrina Owens. Dee was such a cute, outgoing, and pretty likeable person. She went through some tough stuff throughout the past years. And yes while she may flirt to no end, her main priority is the camp, which she truly cares about. As for Sabrina, she made it very easy for me to dislike her. With her attitude to Dee and her unnecessary possessive. She irked me...a lot. But at the end of the day, she's a pretty nice girl and honest. Props to her for managing to be part of the "IT" group and dealing with he family issues.

The romance: It actually wasn't that big of an aspect in this book. Yeah, they have to deal with Blaine but it wasn't particularly "romane". BUt there was Jake...yumminess! He *is* a go kart driver, so that shouldn't be surprising ;P I totally love how Dee flirts with him eventhough she seriously doesn't know it. *snickers*

The plot was very different from most contemporaries. With financial problems from both sides of the story, the whoel lawsuit was a big worry on everyone's mind. It was cool to see two opposites working on the same case with the same goal. And the plot also involved an unknown third party as well. There are many twists you may or you may not see coming. I do feel like that there were some scenes that could've been taken out to move the book along faster. Dee and Sabrina will keep you entertained throughout the whole book with all their problems and schemes. If you're bored or just want a fun read, Just Flirt is the book for you!!