Hemlock - Kathleen Peacock Originally posted on Books As You Know It

So I've realized I've never wrote a review for this book which I'm not sure how I even evaded O_O ANYHOO! Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock=Utter BRILL! The best werewolf book I've ever read! Doused with mystery, an intriguing plot, and some romance, Hemlock is a riveting, exciting read that will keep readers enraptured from the very first page! Kathleen Peacock does a wonderful job writing this story, connecting all the dots together, and creating the perfect setting/backdrop for Hemlock. I loved the way how each and every character had their own specific and pretty important role in the story.

Hemlock was also a different kind of paranormal story;first off with having werewolves as the main and second also having it out in the open. There's so many more complications that are added to a story's plot and a lot more factors to consider especially in a mystery like this. The government for one, the rules that come along with werewolves being out in the open, people's reactions, the haters, and werewolf treatment. And with that, it leads to any social hate, scapegoats, and plain honest fear. It was cool seeing this book in both a social and political manner.

As for Mac (Mackenzie), she's one the most like-able and normal (disregarding the paranormal-ness of the story :P) main characters. She's the kind of girl I would totally be friends with and is just awesome sauce! Some main characters also like to stray away from the main plot whether intentionally or not and they go off daydreaming about stuff that has nothing to do with the story....at all. However, Kathleen Peacock made sure this didn't happen too often with Mac! My favorite thing about Mac is that she has her to-do list straight and she knew exactly what she wanted to accomplish and without getting too sidetracked.

And then there's the super awesomely written romance/sort-of-love-triangle. Let me first say this though, both Jason and Kyle (and Amy) are best friends like the legit "they're always together and in it forever" kind of friendship. It's amazing to see an actual bonded friendship that they all have even though it's starting to fall apart. I for one saw the Jason thing coming and it was pretty obvious how his feelings were though I'm not sure if Kathleen purposely did that or not. And don't get me wrong all you people shipping Mac and Kyle because I FEEL YOU! Kyle is the bomb and awesome aaaand amazing but just better off as a friend in my opinion. BUT I may start shipping Mac and Kyle depending on the moments they have in Thornhill or seeing more of their chemistry in book 2. But you guys JASON! The broken golden boy (totally my type) who I absolutely ADORE! I won't lie and say he's perfect because he's not. Yeah he has made a few mistakes even though his intentions were in the right place and he did act like a jerk sometimes but no ones perfect and always makes the right choices. He honestly cares about Mac and is awesomely sarcastic. He wants to help a little misguided but his intentions were in the right place! He's like a lost puppy. A bit lost, disheveled, cute, and able to woo anyone.

Hemlock is a YA book you most definitely don't want to skip!! It's the best werewolf book I've read (and I know I've said this but it's true!!) and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in Thornhill and reading more of Kathleen's books!!! Definitely recommended to anyone!