Waterfell - Amalie Howard Originally posted on Books As You Know It


FIRST, OMG SUCH A PRETTY PRETTY COVER!!! The blues and how it connects as the ocean and then the hair floating plus the way the title is put on the cover IT'S JUST GORGEOUS!!!!

Ok now that I've gotten that off my chest...on to the actual story. Unfortunately, Waterfell did disappoint and wasn't as good as I expected. Mermaids have always been a story that was always on my iffy list. All the ones I've read never end up being GREAT just ok or good. It was kind of the same for Waterfell except that the plot and world itself was pretty amazing. Amalie Howard did write a creative story with a original mermaid story plot and it definitely had potential.

However, what the most annoying thing about the story was Nerissa. She was so irritating, selfish, and arrogant!!! She believed she was better than everyone else (Auranthi and human) even though she was the one who didn't even want to be queen. Like she would never object to Soren or Echlios (her guardians) to calling her my lady and I never felt that she felt a bond or sense of love between her and her guardians. Yeah they may have not have been her parents but I'm sure she must have felt some sort of gratitude or some sort of affection to them but we never see much of great interaction/bond between them. She also thought she was invincible but really not. She didn't even have the FULL training needed and wanted to go with Speio and Echlios on a special mission not even thinking that she wouldn't be ready always assuming superiority over others.

Lo, the love interest, wasn't a GREAT character either. He didn't have much character actually...Basic and bland. Bond haired (I think), surfer, abs, cocky but sweet but he just didn't have that oomph that makes me love guys. His relationship with Nerissa also seems to take A LOT of time in the book mainly with Nerissa not being able to come forward with her feelings. Speio was actually a character I could deal with. He was cool and totally protected Nerissa when needed. He was one of the characters that got annoyed by Nerissa's antics and I took his side on a lot of their arguments. I'm still a bit confused of what his feelings are for her or well lack of but hopefully I'll get it soon.

There were some plot twists I never saw coming and it was within the last 75-50 pages were things got A LOT more interesting and things were actually happening. The book seemed to drag on until the last section of the story where everything comes to place and find out all that's happening. Jenna and Sawyer were also awesome side characters. As Nerissa's friends, they were such a cute couple and great for her really. Jenna understood her and was an awesome friend. I wished we saw more connections/bonds with Sawyer, Speio, Soren, and Echlios. It would've made the book a bit more enjoyable.

I think that people would have different takes on this book and that anyone really could give it a try. I do think mermaid fans should give this book a try since they may end up loving or at least liking it. I do not however recommending this to those who never really liked mermaids. It would be hard to give it a try. Overall I believe Nerissa really did give Waterfell a negative drop and made it hard for me to like.