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I seriously did not even think about reading this book. I wasn't that big of a fan with cyborgs and I may have judges the hook by its cover. *sheepish look* But I recently found out that it was a retelling of Cinderella...and no I didn't connect it with the title when I read the synopsis. On the other hand, Marissa Meyer NAAAILED IT!!!

This was just the perfect book I needed! Marissa Meyer creatively twists the original Cinderella story into a magnificent one of her owns! The plot also just wasn't based around the plague, although it definitely leads to beginning of something big! While Marissa used the Cinderella story as her base line, you could the connections between the two books here and there. The only things I had a problem was that it was really predictable. I'm not if Marissa purposely

Cinder was amazingly awesome!! I thought she would be a bit soft and the very optimistic kind. (And if I kinda diss the original story, I'm sorry! But I'm not a fan of it!) But she was pretty straightforward and knew when something or not was going to happen. She also had a great relationship with her sister, who loved Cinder as well. And Cinder has so much self control! If I were in her position I would've probably ready slapped 3 or 4 people already...

KAI!!! He is the ultimate sweetheart and he might be the first guy I liked that wasn't a complete douche! I'm sorry again! But usually the sweet guy is the annoying one or the one that's perfect just as a friend. And Kai was cool! He didn't act like a prissy royal and was honest, straight forward, and knew who to trust. He might not have been in the "know" but he could tell who he could/couldn't trust. He and Cinder are sooo cute together and he so AMAZING!! He's the perfect prince material and a guy you can't not like!!

All in all, Cinder is a heart throbbing, creatively told story you would not want to miss out on! I totally regret not reading this sooner but I am glad that I did read it! So if any of you haven't...what are you waiting for??