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Losing It was a hilarious novel with equally awesome and awkward scenes. Carmack delivered a fresh new read and perspective that relates to a lot of teens/younger 20s now a days. The writing flowed well and it involved aspects of rules and friendship and its wasn't only about losing it but the whole idea of why and what drives that thought. She also explores the college scene and manages to incorporate the play they were doing in theatre class.

Bliss and Garrett are ADORABLE! I really frown upon and and am not into student-teacher relationship but this was way to cute to ignore! I love how they both know and decide that they can't see each other but some of their circumstances had me giggling and laughing. Bliss wasn't stuck up nor clingy and was mature enough about the situation even if they were pretty awkward but it's also what made me love her. I can't wait to read Faking It and see how things turn out for Bliss's hot best friend Cayden!!!