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The Madman's Daughter was huantingly and horrifyingly brilliant!! And then the end KILLED me! It totally blew me off and had me in shock for awhile even though I probably should have saw that coming. But it still has me in a daze every time I think about it.And...I just realized I was talking about the end of the book before saying much about it at all. ANYHOO..Megan Shepherd surprised me throughout this book. I didn't think I would love this book so much but I did have high expectations from it and The Madman;s Daughter totally reached it!

Juliette was a strong heroine especially as a historical fiction one. Megan Shepherd did a great job showing how sexist men were of women back then. She emphasized Juliette's father's incredulous-ness when Juliette showed interest in the medical field and when Juliette told him how she knew some medical procedures. I do think that Juliette had a high hopes and expected more of her father than she should have. her father however is a jacked up scientist with no human conscious and so determined that he's doing the right thing. And it's not why he's creating them that's ridiculously crazy, it's how he creates them with no remorse.

*uses southern accent* As for the romance, Edward and Montgomery are two mighty fine and handsome guys. I will admit that I love Montgomery more though. With his informal attire and add to the fact that him and Juliette were close childhood friends definitely adds to his swoonliness!! And he and Juliette are just so damn cute!! And don't get me wrong, Edward is cool too. He was the one I thought I would fall for with his mysteriousness and that did pique my interest in him. I felt that I barely knew him and it was very confusing for me as well as Juliette. And then I got the "You say what now?" expression when I read his secret.

The one character I had a soft spot for was Balthazaar. He was the reason of any tears I shed in this book :( He was so innocent and obedient< I would probably hug the life out of him if he was real. He may have been a deformed creature or a "work against human nature" but he tugged my heart the most and wasn't barbaric as the others may have been. Alice, the caretaker, was also a kind and sweet soul and would have been a fantastic little sister.

I urge you guys to read this book and while it may not be the type of book/genre yo uread, you should most definitely check it out!! And with the ending Megan Shepherd wrote, you'll be begging for more!