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Dualed was a thrilling read! Elsie Chapman has created a new twist to the concept of "survival of the fittest" in which you and your Alt fight to the deatg. I didn't really understand how the whole twin thing worked and it wasn't really explained in the book either. I mean does the givernment pick two couples who want a baby and make it so their babies have the same genetic makeup? There also wasn't much world building and history of how everything came to be. Also the government is a big aspect of dystopian novels and while it was mentioned in the book, they didn't make a big deal out of it.

However, Elsie Chapman created very strong characters and showed relationship development quite well. West Grayer was determined yet stubborn. And she had it rough with all her family now gone. One thing I wished you changed was pushing Chord away when she most needed him and how she took forever to finally realize that she had to kill her Alt. It was a good idea for her to become an assassin and helped shape her for when she met her Alt.

Chord wasn't what I expected and in a good way. He was a pretty cool guy and I found it so cute of how much he cared for West even if he showed it indirectly and protectively *coughs* putting a GPS on her phone *coughs* It was funny and pretty entertaining seeing both of them deny their feelings for each other.

Dualed is a good dystopian read, not the best but pretty decent. I would only recommend this to dytopian or fight scene lovers. If you're looking for a romancy dystopian like Delirium or Under the Never Sky this isn't really the book for you. I was a bit disappointed after reading this since I heard great things about it and I really like the concept and that it has potential. If you do pick it up, I hope you have a better reaction than me!