The Collector - Victoria Scott The Collector by Victoria Scott was one heck of a book that takes you on a different type of roller coaster than most YA books. Victoria Scott manages to create a story that shows life in a different perspective or that might have been just me reading from a guy's point of view. The story was also straightforward and it kept the plot simple without many twists and turns. One of my favorite aspects about this book was the characters.

Speaking of characters...let's talk Dante. The BAD BOY. He was blunt, knew how to play his game, and was probably the perfect person to have as a collector. And I loved that Victoria didn't have him suddenly change right when he meets Charlie and it's most definitely not love nor lust at first sight which I'm extremely happy for! In the first two parts of the book, Dante was just trying to complete his mission quickly so he could get a promotion. And then he learns more about Charlie actually sees her. Not the outward appearance but the inner. He honestly didn't care about her but then the question of WHY boss man hit him especially when Charlie has the purest heart. One of my favorite and heart wrenching part and one that really showed Dante and his emotions was when he visited his mother in Chicago.

Charlie different. I expected the typical shy girl that covered her beauty and didn't want to show it. But the thing was that Charlie wasn't pretty. And not only did Dante change, she did too. She's still sweet and may have had a heart of gold but she's experienced so much more than she ever thought she would. She wasn't the strongest of heroines. She was gullible and pretty inexperienced in the beginning, but she had this type of personality where she knew what everyone thought and just didn't care.

Another thing I liked was the supporting characters. Max, Dante's best friend, lightened the mood when needed and it was funny seeing Dante and Max having a heart to heart. Blue and Annabelle, Charlie's best friends, were also awesome! Blue could be so awesome if he wanted to be and I think if he let loose a bit more, girls would be flocking towards him. Annabelle was a feisty one and definitely showed it. Both are super loyal and would always be there for Charlie no matter what. Even Valery had a role in this book that also help lighten the plot a bit.

Everything connects by the time the book is over and now I'm even more psyched for The Liberator!! If you like bad boys and paranormal-ness, definitely check out The Collector!