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ALLY CARTER, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING HEIST SOCIETY AND ESPECIALLY GALLAGHER GIRLS! Perfect Scoundrels was so much more emotionally deep compared to the first two books! It's more personal especially with Kat's and Hale's sort-of-relationship and with everything else going on in Hale's life. Ally Carter did a great job laying out this story and was awesome as usual. You feel a deeper connection with the characters as you keep reading and in this book you just feel for Hale while seeing how Hale's family is and how they treat/see him.

I don't know if it was just me, but I felt that Kat had more emotions running through/within her and it was nice seeing her back!! It was great seeing the whole gang back together, even Nick who showed up in a scene or two! It was a bit hard seeing Hale and the way he acted towards Kat around his family. And it was really difficult to read him (even more so than the other books). Also the way he dissed Kat was sooo wrong I felt like flicking his forehead multiple times. But his actions for some scenes were also reasonable and the way anyone would act in his position. We learn more about Hale and see why he's so closed off and, he's just awesome!!!

What I loved the most about this book was seeing more of Marcus and learning more about him and his family! He's been the character to always be there for Hale or Kat no matter what, and in think it was great that this book showed that there was more to him than just being Hale's butler. Perfect Scoundrels wasn't exactly the best of Ally Carter's works but it was still magnificently written. It is a must for Ally Carter fans or spy/thriller-y types of books!! Happy Readings!!