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Scarlet by Marissa Meyer was WONDERFUL!! I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel to Cinder and it most definitely met my expectations!! Meyer weaves a story of our childhood fairy tales into dystopian characters that's created for YA readers eveywhere! It also makes you feel like even though you're not a child anymore you can still enjoy these stories in a form you like. I also loved that we still got to see Kai and Cinder in this book but not together...unfortunately. And Marissa also ties in Scarlet's and Cinder's stories together really well including the setting and how they eventually meet up. Also Scarlet wasn't was predictable as Cinder was! She manages to make you suspicious and doubt but you're also not sure of what would happen!

Scarlet's a determined and pretty cool heroine. There are times where she kinda annoyed me by her stubbornness and the fact that she couldn't see the big picture. And the thing is that she has good intentions, she's just looking at it from a different perspective. But she's still a great addition to TEAM FAIRY TALE (which is what I'm going to call Cinder, Scarlet, ad everyone from a fairy tale ! She's also super loyal and she's most definitely got the spunk that I enjoy in heroines! Oh my sweet goodness! Scarlet and Wolf are just TOO MUCH!!! They're so cute and they're just perfect for each other!!

They're relationship was also a bit awkward at first since Wolf was more on the shy side (WHICH I DID NOT EXPECT) and she's the one that's like "What do you want?" kinda attitude. But it worked. And it helped that Wolf to me seemed more of a cute puppy than his name. And there was this one super cute moment where he was all confused as to what Scarlet gave him (which was a tomato) and it was just too adorable.

We can't forget about Cinder!! Who I may like more than Scarlet which is weird since I've always loved Red Riding Hood better than Cinderella. So when we see Cinder again, she's trying to escape the prison which she does manage to do except it's with another fugitive...Thorne. And my natural reaction upon meeting him: CREEPY, CRAZY, PERVERTED DUDE PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM CINDER!! But then you see him and Cinder interact or should I say banter and he's just hilarious and harmless!!! So happy Meyer decided to add him to the story and he's a great character that lightens the mood of the story! And then there's KAI, the ultimate sweetheart, he soooo still has feelings for Cinder no matter how much he denies it XD I appreciated seeing how things were going politically as everything else went on as well!

Scarlet is a MUST READ and a book you don't want to miss out on! I recommend this to any retelling, YA, or dystopian lover out there so practically any reader! But please read Cinder before delving into this story!! Happy Readings!!!