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**spoilers from previous books*
I literally devoured this book and had finished this book by the end of school which I was not expecting! I've loved Kimberly Derting's stories and ADORED The Body Finder series ever since I started reading this series. I'm so sad that I'll be saying goodbye to the series. Throughout the series, I got closer and closer to ALL the characters in the story;Violet, Jay, Rafe, Sara, Chelsea, Claire, everyone!! But I'll most definitely be rereading the series when I get the chance.

Dead Silence is an epic, thrilling, and riveting conclusion to the Body Finder series!! Kimberly Derting does a fantastic job of balancing out the new murders and her personal life. She also manages to effectively intertwine those two together and shows the effects each has on Violet's life. It's also kinda fascinating the way that Derting was able to write the way psychotic people view their life and how they persuade themselves how this is right or that whatever they're doing is right! Dead Silence NEVER leaves you bored from the first page to the very last.

There was a lot more deeper emotion coursing through Violet in this book, especially since she now has an echo of her own which has been haunting her ever since. Violet is tough even though it may not seem like it at first with her withdrawing from everyone which is seriously normal. If you expected her to be okay with it and try not to be that affected by it, it's just not something anyone would be able to manage. Violet decides to involve herself with the latest murder case wanting to be distracted by other things than her social/personal life and because you know she's Violet. It was different seeing her change over the course of the series but in a good way. She interacts with other people that also has powers and though she already accepted her power ever since she was little, you see her wanting to use her power to make a bigger change and she has manage to do that.

Jay=the bestest friend and boyfriend EVER!! This series had one of my favorites best friend romances and they are just TOO CUTE!! Jay is so supportive of Violet and is always there with her no matter what. He just knows what to do and say to Violet to make her feel better or to make her laugh! He voices his opinions and speaks his mind in the most reasonable way possible. Rafe is an exceptionally different love interest. He actually fits as the guy most girl would ship Violet with but he was a way that shows he cares yet he knows not to go after another guy's girlfriend. He does have a connection with Violet one that could go farther if she tried but I think Rafe is good as her friend.

Dead Silence helps readers understand more of Violet's abilities and how her grandma dealt with everything.The more she learns more about her grandma's history, the more questions that are burned within her mind. Derting also tries to deal with this issue of the paranormal/ability group of Violet's and connects it with everything Violet has learned. I also loved the constant secondary characters that supported Violet like her uncle, aunt, mom, dad, hilarious and awesome friend Chelsea, clueless Claire, athletic Jules, kind of friend Gemma, and even Sarah who helped Violet through rough times and gave Violet a place to make a difference. Dead Silence does not disappoint and is a fantastic end to the Body Finder series! Fans of paranormal, mystery, or even psychological thrillers with the hint of teen drama will love this series!