The Rising - Kelley Armstrong The Rising was the perfect end to the Darkness Rising trilogy! Kelley Armstrong's writing was captivating and action packed as always! I was very happy on how things ended for all the characters. This had to be my favorite books of Kelley Armstrong! I loved seeing how Maya and her friends stick together thought out the entire book no matter what. Yes they had their quarrels but they worked together no matter what. This book showed that they were willing to sacrifice oneself for one another and that ultimately their source of power was each other.

Maya is a fantastic girl. She might be strong and determined but she has her girl-y, vulnerable moments which she fully acknowledges. One of the things I loved about her was her strong loyalty to friends and family. And it hurt so much when someone would betray or use her trust. The flaw that irritated me the most was how clueless she was about Daniel's feelings for her and how much she tried to deny it. But the thing was that she never led him on or made him believe otherwise. So its hard to dislike her for that.

We also get introduced to new characters like Ashton, Maya's twin brother! Totally unexpected yet I felt like I should have seen that one coming. He is seriously the moodier guy version of Maya to some extent. He was definitely a jerk but he had a rough childhood and it was totally expected of him to. I loved seeing how his and Maya's relationship developed! It was kind of awkward and weird at first but they did care about each other (sibling wise of course). Corey another character I really liked getting to know better. He brought humor and added some juicy tidbits to the story ;) But you also see his insecurities and how he feels about his gift/power.

The thing that actually had me pick up this book and start it was "unexpected characters makes a surprising return". Me: *eyes wide* You mean they're coming????? MUST REAAAD!! OH YEAH CHLOE, DEREK, AND THE WHOLE GANG MAKES AN APPEARANCE!!! I was thrilled that Armstrong decided to add them into the story and was even more happy of how she intertwined Chloe's story with Maya's.

THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE BOOK: DANIEL!!!!!!! He's FINALLY introduced as a love interest which I am ridiculously happy about since I've been shipping them from day 1. Don't get me wrong I like Rafe and all it's just that he didn't sit well with me as Maya's love interest. But oh my sweety goodness, Daniel and Maya moments together=CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! I find it hilarious that everyone starts hounding Maya about Daniel in this book. But it was also irritating because it wasn't really a gradual thing throughout the books and didn't have as much as moments I would've loved to have read. Honestly, I had no idea where Daniel stood in his relationship with Maya in book 1 and 2 and I wasn't sure if Kelley Armstrong was going to do anything about Daniel and Maya. I always hoped but didn't think she would have Daniel as as a love interest. And Daniel is just so supportive and understanding of Maya and was there for her no matter what. He didn't care that she may have not liked/loved him more than just a friend, she was always his number 1 priority. He even sincerely tried befriending Rafe for Maya's sake. He's Maya's rock as she is his and they're just perfect for each other. It helps that he's hot and totally my type :3

Kelley Armstrong did her best attempting the most realistic ending and tried to create a happily ever after for everyone. I for one was content with how things wrapped up for both Maya and Chloe! The Rising is a great read, one that I totally recommend everyone to read. All paranormal, romance, and action lovers should definitely pick up this book!!!

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