52 Reasons to Hate My Father - Jessica Brody This is an easy going, relaxing, and just fun book to read. Full of laughs, Jessica Brody did an excellent job to maintain Lexi's personality while also showing how Lexi's character changes throughout the whole book. She may have sounded like a spoiled and bratty girl in the beginning but as you read more you realize that all she was missing was a family and that she had way more potential than others including herself thought she did. Then comes in Luke, Lexi's "babysitter" of sorts. Luckily this wasn't one of those books where it was BAM insta-love and the main character didn't know was all flustered. Or else...I would have thrown it at the ground. I just can't read YA contemps that work like that. (Well sometimes it depends on what type of YA contemp. Like if it was a girl liking her best friend or her best-friend's boyfriend for forever..then I wouldn't mind much.)

Anyways...It also wasn't one where the book was ideally focused on the romance. Lexi didn't even really have feelings for Luke. Although she did notice his attractiveness in the beginning of the book, he was just a person who worked for her father. Lexi was quite witty and while she could be a pain in the butt sometimes, but it's not entirely her fault. Lexi's reaction to the day to day stuff some of us do or encounter helped me see it in a whole new perspective that had me rolling my eyes at how rich people would see these stuff (no offense to any rich people out there). This wasn't one of those books that totally popped at you with characters and plot but it's a pretty great read. I would recommend this book for all you YA contemporary lovers out there and those who just want a fun read!