Ironskin - Tina Connolly I had very high expectations from this book, especially because all the steampunk kind of books that I've recently read have been quite good and I've never read Jane Eyre or any retellings of it before so I wanted to see how this would turn out. The beginning started out nicely and did have me intrigued, but then as I kept reading on, I just got reaally bored with it. There was so much detail that didn't need to be there and the main character got on my nerves at times. However the aspect I really enjoyed about this book was the setting and the era it took place in. All the glamour women wanted and the way life was for both the rich and the cursed ones was brilliantly shown.

The romance was meh. There yet not quite. I'm not a fan of romance with the age difference , its just super weird reading about for me. Some I can take *cough* Vampire Academy *couch*. But this one, I wasn't connected with the love interest, which in this book was Edward or Mr. Rochart, like I usually am. He kinda disappeared along the book and didn't make much of an impression on me. I mean he was the one that called for a governess to help Dorie yet he was never really there to support her and his feelings and the way he was written coul'dve been put together better.

The other supporting, additional characters were an added plus and I enjoyed getting to know them. And the added fey interest and problems was nice. It's a pretty short book and I think if there was more development with the characters and plot, it wouldn't seem so rushed but boring. However, those you who like retelling, then I totally would recommend like this book especially with the fey, steampunk twist to it.