The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead The Golden Lily is an exception and beautifully written sequel to Bloodlines. (And I don't mean it in how classic novels are described, more of how YA Paranormal/Vamp books are written.) Richelle Mead did a lovely job with the plot and the story moved in a good pace and flow. Sydney's a great character, she's got the brains, but when it comes to not her forte. She's plain clueless or just too loyal, which is a good yet bad thing in her situation. Especially since she's getting closer to Jill, Eddie, and Adrian and getting attached, while she's also loyal to the Alchemists. This does cause a whole new perspective drift on how Sydney views the Alchemist and her thoughts on Morois/Dhamphirs. (The end seriously proved that!)

We also get introduced to a new character! His name is Brandon..I think. He's Sydney's boyfriend, pretty much the guy version of her. And he never stood a chance against Adrian. I loved how he would express his jealousy and how Sydney didn't really understand the source of it. They're total opposites, yet they both understand each other's struggles and always find some common ground with one another. I'm glad that Sydney is starting to realize that not everything's black and white and that Adrian may have placed a seed of change in her. All we have to do is wait to see if that seed will bloom...Secrets are revealed, loyalties are tested, friendships are made/broken, and most of all things get destroyeed. Who wouldn't want to read this EPIC, romantic, and action-packed book? I totally recommend the Bloodlines series, which is also the spin off series to the Vampire Academy series, to anyone who misses the VA series or just wants to see more of Adrian ;D