Bloodrose - Andrea Cremer In the final book of the Nightshade series, Andrea Cremer has you laughing, crying (I know I was), squealing, and just had your heart tugging for a happy ending. Calla maintained her leadership role pretty well, except I felt like she was playing with both Ren's and Shay's hearts because she would either be with Ren and Shay and ugghhh it just got me annoyed. Ren was as awesome and cocky as always yet vulnerable. Shay was the rock Calla needed. Ethan and Sabine's relationship, I think was one of those relationships that needed to be there. Ari and Connor plus Neville and Mason were the cutest of them all and just made me want to pinch their cheeks!

Andrea Cremer definitely proved herself to be a risk taker in this book. She lets her characters go through all this emotion, grief, and major obstacles. However she makes sure her characters deal with it and show how it shapes their characters to what they were from the first book.

This book seriously made me go bipolar in a good way. there'll be times I'm smiling and rooting for Calla and then the next I'll be biting my nails in anticipation, hoping everything went well with their mission. But it definitely shows you the reality of the situation and how high the stakes are for well..everyone. The ending wasn't quite what I expected but something you came to terms with and what I think was necessary. You'll definitely not want to miss this wonderful, heart-racing book.