Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare Cassandra Clare has did it again...This lovely new series takes you back to the 1800 (I think) where if you've read The Mortal Instruments series, you'll meet their ancestors and the of course we can't forget Magnus Bane! Characters? The bomb! Jem is just soo sweet and had my heart melting in the first book as well as this one. Will was not really one of my favorite characters in the LAST book because of what he did to Tessa..but in this book he had me swooning every second he was on. Cassandra Clare portrayed another sweet yet charming side of him in this book and you could see the real Will. The one who doesn't hide. Tessa was cool. She's one of those characters you end up having a connection with. She wasn't super awesome but she wasn't boring either or made stupid mistakes either. I loved watching her and Will interact!

The romance? The flame has been lit. As Will finds out the truth, he takes on the course to be with Tessa. But with Jem crushing on her, too, its hard for them not to hurt him. Tessa obviously is in love with Will but other issues comes in their ways. This book is way more heated and swoon worthy than the first and it has their moments. Gideon and Sophie!! *squeals* They're soooo cute together! But if Gideon hurts her..Gideon I'm gonna hurt you! (I'm sorry all you Team Jem fans! I'm probably being more biased towards Will.)
I will say that Cassandra Clare isn't the best of writers when it deals with the romance but when it comes to secrets and twists, she's the one for you.

The ending? Jaw dropping, heart-clenching, never-letting the book go, give-me-Clockwork Princess NOW kinda ending. Uh huh. I just went there. Soo if you haven't started this series..Please do yourselves a favor and pick up Clockwork Angel and start reading! You won't regret it!